About me

Dr. Antonio Luis is a primary care physician specializing in Internal medicine and HIV/AIDS. He graduated in 2005 from the University of Georiga with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, dance, and environmental health. Antonio earned his medical degree in 2009 from the Medical College of Georgia In Augusta. He completed his Internal medicine residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He focuses on LGBT/HIV care, gender-affirming care, and helping his community. 


He is passionate about bringing high-quality care to everyone and ensuring it is provided correctly for people in the LGBT community. He is the son of Spanish/Cuban Immigrants and is fluent in Spanish.



In 2012, Dr. Luis worked as an Academic Hospitalist at Lankenau Medical Center, where he spent five years educating residents and providing quality care to patients admitted to the hospital. He excelled at “putting out fires” that happened throughout the day. He learned how important communication was, especially when working with specialists and nurses through several hospital systems on the main line. In 2017, he worked at Mazzoni Center, an LGBTQ community center, where his interest in HIV and Gender Affirming Care grew. Here, he worked as an HIV specialist and became an HIV Specialist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine. He also focused on starting a High-Resolution Anoscopy Clinic to help bring more preventative care to the community. He accepted a position at Spruce Internal Medicine at The University of Pennsylvania, where he spearheaded their LGBT program, working and training other providers.


Dr. Luis moved to Tampa, Florida, to work as a Medical Director at AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Here, he focused on giving quality care to a neglected patient group. 


At Inclusive Care Group, as a private practice, he can focus on the patient, preventive maintenance, and making health care more timely and cost-effective instead of looking at the patient as just a number.


Medical College of Georgia


Temple Univesrity, Philadelphia, PA


- Internal Medicine
- Gender-affirming care